Project Manager

Job description

Project Manager


We are looking for a motivated and high-achieving Project Manager who will be helping our CTO to run projects and manage communication with our stakeholders related to all of our activities. If you have a strong sense of project management with knowledge of tech tasks, this may be the job for you.


The successful candidate will have the opportunity to join a fast-growing, agile and international team passionate about innovation. You will be one of the first 20 employees who will impact the future of the company. We will offer guidance, mentorship and opportunities for turbo-charged professional development. 


  • Work closely with CTO to shadow him throughout his tasks

  • Provide vision and direction to the development team and stakeholders throughout the project and create requirements 

  • Assess value, develop cases, and prioritise stories, epics and themes to ensure work focuses on those with maximum value that are aligned with product strategy

  • Provide an active role in mitigating impediments impacting successful team completion of Release/Sprint Goals

  • Managing customer satisfaction within project transition period

  • Identifying and developing new opportunities with clients

  • Meeting with project team members to identify and resolve issues

  • Submitting project deliverable and ensuring that they adhere to quality standards

Job requirements

Core requirements:

  • Proven experience in a company that is in the tech industry as a project manager

  • Perfect command in verbal and written English

  • Outstanding communication, presentation and leadership skills

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills

  • Understanding of technical language and software development process

  • Ability to work independently in a responsible manner

  • Creative thinker with a vision that can thrive in a start-up environment